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What to do and When for CAO

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What to do and When for CAOWIT


Want to start a full-time undergraduate course? Find out what you need to do and when to increase your chances of getting a course offer you're happy with

1 February is a big date for people applying to full-time undergraduate courses n Ireland through the CAO (Central Applications Office).

Traditional CAO applicants worrying about not having their CAO research ‘homework’ done, can take a deep breath unless their top course choices turn out to be ‘restricted courses’.

The CAO 1 February closing date is a really important date for people who want to do restricted entry courses and impacts some mature applicants.

The bigger date in the CAO calendar for the majority of people is 5.15pm on 1 July, the final deadline for amending course choices and putting them in genuine order of preference. There is breathing space to fill out your application and put your choices in order.

Does that mean you need to do nothing before 1 July? It’s important for Leaving Cert students to give their studies due attention. However leaving all college research to the last week of June will certainly result in pressure then or being unhappy with the courses you are offered later in the summer. So what can you do in the meantime? Or what do you have to do when?

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