Now 14 English-taught Vet Science programmes in mainland Europe
The number of  Irish first year entrants to Veterinary Science programmes in Central Europe exceeded 100 this year with, for example, over half of the first year students (42 students), on the veterinary programme in Warsaw, coming from Ireland.

Of the 14 programmes available (see here), the most popular destinations with Irish and UK students are Warsaw ULS and UVM Budapest. There are also Irish and UK students studying veterinary science in Wroclaw, Brno and Kosice, and growing numbers in Lithuania. A new programme at U. Zagreb is also attracting attention.

The entrance tests for the following can be done in Ireland:

Lithuanian ULS  March, provisional)
– Warsaw ULS (27th April)
UVM Budapest (mid-May)
UVPS Brno (27th April)
Wroclaw  UELS (mid-August)

All of these universities select on the basis of entrance tests (multiple-choice Biology and Chemistry) and your Leaving Certificate points or A-Level grades are irrelevant to their selection decisions,

Contact EUNiCAS for assistance with your applications to one or more of these programmes, or to be notified of schedules and locations of entrance tests.