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Updates on Rewilding Europe

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Updates on Rewilding Europe


Taking rewilding to the next level

2021 has been a special year for Rewilding Europe. With the kick-off of our tenth anniversary celebrations in June, it has not only been a year to reflect on progress but first and foremost a year to look to the future. Going forwards, we now need to kick on and really scale up rewilding!


With this in mind, Rewilding Europe has just developed an ambitious new strategic plan for the period 2021-2030, titled “Advancing Rewilding in Europe”.

Working towards its objectives with partners from across the continent will help to deliver a Europe that is richer in wild nature, with all the benefits this brings for people and planet.

By 2030, we want to see rewilding at scale with a wide range of actors coming together to co-create a wilder European continent. Strategy 2030 is our way of helping that vision becomes a reality. As we begin 2022 working towards its objectives, join us in creating a better, wilder Europe together! 👇

Discover our new strategy here!

The last 10 years have seen rewilding capture hearts and minds on an ever-increasing scale. Today, support for nature recovery has never been greater.

Looking ahead to 2022, the coming decade and beyond, there has never been a better time to get involved in rewilding. The rewilding movement is about co-creating a wilder, better future. Only by scaling up rewilding can we help nature help us to fix our biggest problems, and your support, energy and creativity is more important than ever.

Read more about it in our latest Impact Story.

Discover it now!
Join the rewilding movement and let’s create a wilder Europe together! 🙌


2021's Rewilding Highlights

2021 not only saw the celebration of 10 years of Rewilding Europe, but also the launch of many new actions, initiatives and partnerships. The launch of a new rewilding area, the first World Rewilding Day, the opening of the first Rewilding Centre in the Greater Côa Valley, the first field training of the Rewilding Training Tourism Programme, Jan Derck van Karnebeek as new chair of Rewilding Europe and the first live gathering of the European Rewilding Network.
And, last but not least, 2021 saw the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. We now have a unique opportunity to make the next 10 years a “rewilding decade”!


Read more about these and other highlights from the past year:
Rewilding Europe welcomes Affric Highlands as its ninth rewilding area Rewilding Europe welcomes Affric Highlands as its ninth rewilding area
The UN Decade: why we need rewildingThe UN Decade: why we need rewilding
Milestone moment for vulture rewilding in the Rhodope MountainsMilestone moment for vulture rewilding in the Rhodope Mountains
New European wildlife comeback study kicks off New European wildlife comeback study kicks off
Celebration of the unique Ukrainian steppe provides community boostCelebration of the unique Ukrainian steppe provides community boost
First Ever World Rewilding Day – March 20First Ever World Rewilding Day – March 20
First field-based stage of the Rewilding Training Tourism programmeFirst field-based stage of the Rewilding Training Tourism programme
Release of horses advances rewilding in the Greater Côa ValleyRelease of horses advances rewilding in the Greater Côa Valley
European Young Rewilders officially launchesEuropean Young Rewilders officially launches
First all-male European bison transport to the Southern CarpathiansFirst all-male European bison transport to the Southern Carpathians

Wildlife Comeback

An exciting new milestone for the Rewilding Danube Delta team right before Christmas: a new herd of 20 kulan arrived on the Tarutino Steppe in southwest Ukraine!

The arrival of the new kulan herd is part of a long-term reintroduction programme, supported by the The Endangered Landscapes Programme.

Learn more


Deer population reinforced in the Rhodope Mountains
65 fallow deer were released by the Rewilding Rhodopes team as part of ongoing efforts in the area to restore deer numbers to a viable level, providing a natural prey and carrion source while reinstating key links in the food web.

New camera trap studies support wildlife comeback
A collaboration with the Zoological Society of London saw multiple camera traps deployed in the Velebit Mountains and Rhodope Mountains this summer. The information collected should enhance the ongoing rewilding of both areas.

A Growing Rewilding Movement

Inspired, empowered and strengthened in their rewilding endeavours: the first live European Rewilding Network gathering in November proved to be an inspiring platform for exchanging knowledge among ERN members, to scale up rewilding across Europe!

Set in the beautiful Central Apennines and hosted in collaboration with Rewilding Apennines and local ERN member Wildlife Adventures, the event brought together 36 participants belonging to 18 member initiatives from across Europe and was a great success!

Find out more


ERN welcomes Cambrian Wildwood from Wales
The network’s latest member has community involvement at its heart. Through habitat and species restoration work it is reconnecting people with nature, while revitalizing an ecologically impoverished landscape.

Natural Grazing gathers momentum at online event
Our recent GrazeLIFE symposium was attended by 335 participants from 38 countries. The event was the culmination of a three-year study which set out to identify best practices of grazing that benefit both nature and people.

Policy progression as the rewilding movement grows
With the launch of the European Green Deal, the forthcoming Restoration Law, and the strengthening connection between biodiversity and climate agendas, rewilding is increasingly recognised as an effective nature-based solution.

Want To Support Rewilding Too?

With the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the hashtag #GenerationRestoration started buzzing around the internet. The rewilding narrative feeds into this exclamation with its story of hope and purpose for a better future. Engaging and empowering young people is vital to the growth of rewilding. With the European Young Rewilders we want to inspire and support the next generation of European conservationists to help restore the natural world.
You can support rewilding actions all over Europe. Will you help us on our mission to make Europe a wilder place?



Become part of the rewilding movement

You can become an active part of the rewilding movement in Europe by supporting the actions that we are working on. Choose your cause and give your support to wilder nature!

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