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Upcoming Webinars with OECD

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Upcoming Webinars with OECDOECD

Upcoming webinars

23 September, 12:00 CEST

What Generation Z thinks about school, the curriculum and their future

In this session we listen to what young people have to say. Students from different countries discuss whether schools are preparing them for future jobs and life. What’s going on in today’s classrooms and how can learning experiences improve? How can the curriculum better respond to their aspirations and differences (e.g. special needs, socio-economic background, gender, ethnic origin, location)? And what should future-ready school curricula look like?


23 September, 12:45 CEST

Getting a job: How schools can help students develop recruitment skills

Young people are hardest hit by unemployment, particularly during economic recessions. In this webinar we will look at what the evidence has to say, and discuss examples of effective practice from different countries focused on demystifying the recruitment process, helping students to develop their CVs/resumés and build their interview skills. The emphasis is on providing practical, evidence-driven advice to educators and career counsellors working with young people to prepare them well for work in the turbulent COVID labour market.


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