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TU838 BSc (Hons) Sustainable Timber Technology

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TU838 BSc (Hons) Sustainable Timber TechnologyTU Dublin

TU Dublin has re-opened CAO through 'available places' mechanism to allow new applications (that meet the minimum standards) to join Year 1 of TU838. This window closes next Friday evening, 17th September.


This should be very good news for students who:

  1. May have made unfortunate choices in the CAO, which have now left them without their preferred programme, and
  2. Would like a broad education, including a variety of applied skills (e.g. timber & CAD), science and management, to secure a wide variety of careers in Ireland's fast-expanding and innovative Timber Industry. There are some great infographics and several informative videos on the Programme and career opportunities on the Programme webpage: search for 'TU838' on The Programme already has three scholarships in place and will have placement in Year 3.

The Industry provides jobs in small and large businesses in both rural and urban locations, and is at the centre of Ireland's emerging, sustainable bioeconomy. Employers include large sawmills, board mills, timber frame companies, joineries, cabinetmaking firms, import-export. In the context of the rural economy and the need for climate action this Industry is going to grow and grow. Enterprise Ireland predict a doubling of the Industry in the next ten years. The all-Ireland harvest from our forest plantations will also double: an extraordinary statistic and a great opportunity.


Graduates of this programme can secure employment as:

  • Production management and technical roles in sawmills and board mills, and in joinery, cabinetry and timber frame businesses.
  • Technical and managerial roles in the drawing offices of joinery, cabinetry or timber frame businesses.
  • Technical and managerial roles in timber product development and process improvement.
  • Technical and managerial roles in quality assurance and compliance management.
  • Makers or restorers of beautiful timber artefacts in the tradition of cabinetmakers, furniture makers or joiners.
  • Craftworker-owner in a small timber workshop.
  • Specialist roles in timber drying and in wood preservation technology.
  • Technologist and researcher roles in timber laboratories of a large timber business or in a research and teaching institute.
  • Consultancy roles in inspection, specification and creation of technical reports.
  • Technical sales and marketing roles.

We emphasise that roles in the industry are equally open to men and women, as our recent graduate Elysia Taylor (who won a Wood Awards Ireland 2020 prize and who poses on the banner of our webpage) has proven.


Queries can be made by email to <[email protected]> or by phone to 087 417 9974.


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