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Teaching Resources in Scoilnet

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Teaching Resources in Scoilnet


Scoilnet is recruiting


Oide Technology in Education is seeking to recruit a project officer to work on the digital content / Scoilnet initiative. This is a full-time, permanent position and a great opportunity to be on the front line supporting digital education.

More details and application form (September 29 deadline).


New Guidance resources on Scoilnet


Over the summer we added over 40 new resources tagged to the Junior Cycle and covering career, educational and social & personal guidance. (Created by the NCGE) - here are three:
+ My Subject Choice - Lesson Plan
+ My School Year - Lesson Plan
+ My Balanced Life - Lesson Plan and Resources


Resources from the Irish Courts Service


The Courts Service shared a number of excellent digital resources with Scoilnet recently. All resources are tagged to Junior Cycle CSPE. Here are three:

Courts Services Teaching Resources

Who's Who in the Courtroom (Graphic)

Let's Look at the Law


The Class Debate - Should drugs be allowed in sport?


What would sport be like if performance-enhancing drugs were allowed? The enhanced Games (scheduled for December 2024) seeks to remove all bans on doping? What do you think? This debate is relevant to Senior Cycle PE; Politics & Society and RE.

+ The Enhanced Games
+ Counter argument in The Conversation


Ireland and the League of Nations


Ireland joined the League of Nations on September 11, 1923. To mark the centenary two History teachers have been working with Scoilnet to create a number of resources around Ireland's involvement. Here are two:

National Archives - League of Nations

Ireland and the League of Nations


Offshore wind energy questions answered


A series of one-minute videos from Wind Energy Ireland shared to Scoilnet covering topics like location, climate change, electricity costs, and new industry jobs.

Offshore wind energy is part of our future.

Understand more about offshore wind energy


The most viewed post-primary resources for the start of May.



Ireland and the League of Nations


PowerPoint presentation created by a teacher for the centenary of Ireland's joining the League of Nations in Geneva.



Democratic classroom PowerPoint


Slides include an introductory video, a walking debate, a slide to digitally record the agree and disagree opinions, slides on creating democratic classroom with rules and examples



An tSraith Pictiúr - Imreoir Gortaithe- Bileog Pleanála


Formulate the story behind the picture sequence 'Imreoir Gortaithe' using the structured sections in this worksheet.



Sets Revision Sheet


Junior Cert revision sheet which summarises the notation used in sets. Includes an example in 3 sets.



Scientific Equipment (Apparatus)


A PowerPoint presentation with three tasks on introducing students to laboratory equipment /apparatus.


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