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Submitting Your Portfolio to NCAD

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NCADSubmitting Your Portfolio to NCAD

Deadline is  Friday 10th February 2023

How Do I Submit my Portfolio?

Step 1 - Make your application

  • You must make an application to NCAD before you can make a portfolio submission.
  • For Irish, UK, EU, EFTA applicants you make your application online via the Central Applications Office (CAO).
  • If you are applying from outside of these countries you must make your application directly to NCAD via our website here

Step 2 - Register on the Portfolio Submission Platform

When registering for the Platform you will be asked to provide

  • your name
  • your email address (use the same email address you used when making your application)
  • your phone number 

Step 3 - Upload Your Portfolio Material to the Portfolio Submission Platform

  • The Platform will provide you with detailed instructions along the way.
  • You can save your progress and log out as many times as you like. 
  • You must make a Portfolio Submission for each course you have applied for. 
  • You will be asked to provide your application reference number.
    • If you have applied through CAO make sure to add your CAO number here. 
    • If you are an International Student and have applied via NCAD's website then you can include your application reference number included in your confirmation email.

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