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Study – Learning To Learn

Guides for 1st , 2nd ,3rd, 5th , & 6th YearLearning

These (slightly changed) booklets address the issues of study above and beyond the time spent doing homework. It defines study and examines how the mind processes information. There is a 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 5th year, & 6th year version. The 1st & 2nd year ones are identical. The others, while they have overlapping content, have issues specific to that year. All version have an expanded section looking at the emotional blocks to study covering, the sign & symptoms of avoiding study, self-esteem, defining students solely by the academic ability, avoid the pain of study, taking responsibility, etc. Each booklet has two additions which were not in previous versions.

One addition deals with the need for students to test themselves as part of their study routine. The second addition discusses students who have a learning difficulty or those that just find academics difficult and who sometimes develop strategies to hide their difficulties. These additions have been added to the booklets for all the other year groups.

These booklets are best photocopied back to back (see page design) and they are being sent to you now in order to help with planning for the next academic year. They are also available on the parents section of www.igc.ie. Please note that all the material is published by the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and is copyrighted. Individuals are free to copy these booklets provided it is not for financial gain.

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First years …

Second years …

Third years …

Fifth years …

Sixth years …

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