4 Steps To Mastering Productivity


Whether you are in college contemplating your career or you have graduated and are beginning your career, learning to be productive will take you as far as you want to go.

Being organized helps (a lot), but you can be the most organized person in the office and still lack productivity. Being productive means producing quality work at a faster than expected time.

Here is an example: Larry and Sue were given an important project to do. Larry went to his office. He did his usual job which included reviewing sales reports, verifying expense reports, and working on next quarters budget. He checked his email and responded, then began to set up files and a to-do list for the project.

Sue went to her office and moved all work that was not critical to her to do box. She set up auto-response on her email explaining she would be away from her computer and would respond as soon as possible. She began drafting a plan to get the project done in record time. She asked other department heads to send her needed information. By the end of the day, Sue was given the reports she needed, and she was working hard on the project.

Both managers were working on the project, but Sue was more productive.

Below we have listed 4 steps that you should utilize to master productivity. These steps can be applied to your education, career, and even family life. They are very generalized tips. It is up to you to make them fit your current situation. To get a handle on this concept, check this website.


  • Never stop learning

Knowledge is the key to everything in life. If you allow yourself to stop learning, you are drawing your own finish line. You will only go as far as your mental abilities will take you. Read, take classes in things that you are weak in, attend lectures, and listen to those who have walked the road you are on.


  • Prioritize

We all have to have priorities and balance if we are going to live a happy life. Understand this. There is more than one “top priority”. Sometimes your work is critical. There is something that must be done to ensure success. Other times your family needs you present and involved. You cannot weigh a budget report against a little league game and assume the report is more important. The little league game is a way to show your child that his life is a priority. Neglecting family functions means robbing your child of a well-balanced and healthy future.


  • Interact & network

Technology has made it easy to get involved with groups that are in the same fields you are. Interaction with these groups grows your business. Networking, passing along tips and suggestions is a great way to improve your standing in the business community. Your name is your brand. Build it.


  • Never leave your workplace in a mess

You may have a very hectic job, and you can be buried in paperwork. But before you leave for the day, clean up, use your in box, and files. No matter what you left from yesterday, walk into the office with a clean slate. Every day is another day to be productive.