The COVID-19 Online Dash: What Does This Mean For Online Teaching And Learning?eLearning Industry

Like me, most of you reading this are in the midst of the dash/scramble/jump/shift or any number of rapid (and let’s face it anxiety-ridden) synonyms to move to online teaching and learning. We’re reacting to a crisis and doing the best we can to transition content, activities, and assessments to online tools and platforms. In some cases, it’s a smooth process; in other cases, it’s a painful exercise; and in still others, there is a feeling of being in the Wild West. I applaud you all in the effort. Sincerely.

Let’s be clear and honest: this is not online learning in the broader sense of the term. Online learning is thoughtful, planned, explained, practised—in a word, designed. This is not that. This is a stopgap reaction to the crisis. And that’s OK! Still, one has to wonder what this will mean for online education efforts in the long term. This is a potential space of opportunity as well as of detriment to even the best-laid plans.

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