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Soil and its importance to Mankind

Where would we be without soil? Well, most definitely non-existent. The soil we walk on, plant in, and grow from is where life begins, and ends.growTrade

Our soil is a critical national resource that underpins national agricultural, environmental, ecological and cultural dimensions of our economy and society so that is why, on Wednesday, December 5, the world celebrated World Soil Day.

On WorldSoilDay, we celebrate a treasure beneath our feet, which hosts a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity & provides us with 95% of our food. Soils are essential for human life and well-being, but we are not taking care of them as we should…

It takes approximately 1,000 years for 1cm of soil to be produced, so, the amount of soil that we utilise in our lifetime is all we have.

Soil is a highly variable and yet fragile skin to our landscape, and in the context of emerging pressures from climate change, urban expansion, and intensification of use; it is essential that we have access to knowledge on soil formation, its properties and its functions in order to provide for its sustainable management into the future.

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