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Software company VCE to create 150 new jobs in Cork

Software company VCE to create 150 new jobs in Cork – VCE, a cloud computing and software infrastructure company, is to create 150 new jobs at its Cork R&D facility in the next two years.
The company will be looking to hire highly skilled people across a variety of roles, including QA engineers, software engineers and software developers, as well as staff to fill other R&D support roles.

Cork is home to VCE’s first centre outside the United States. The company sees Ireland as an important part of providing its service outside of its home country.

“Four years ago, VCE established its international headquarters in Cork because of its highly educated workforce, the incredible passion this workforce has for technology, and ease of doing business,” said Bob Taccini, CFO of VCE.

“Converged Infrastructure from VCE is changing the game for how IT is deployed, operated and consumed, and we’re excited to partner with IDA Ireland to expand our operations in Cork as a global innovation hub for VCE.”

These new R&D roles will add to VCE’s existing operations in Ireland, which has included roles in customer services, manufacturing, sales operations and general support functions.

The company also confirmed that additional recruiting efforts are under way for the open R&D roles and other functions, and VCE expects to employ more than 250 people in Cork by 2015.

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