Company CEO Gregg Rotenberg confirmed the opening of Smart Wires’ European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.  Smart Wires will create 40 jobs in EuropeIDA Ireland over the next 3 years with 10 of the roles being filled immediately in Engineering and Business Development.

This investment is supported by the Irish Government through IDA Ireland.

Smart Wires technology allows electricity companies to route power around the existing grid reducing the need for new lines.   The solutions can be delivered and installed in weeks allowing power grid companies to respond much faster to the needs of generators, customers and communities.

Gregg has been highly impressed with European leadership on the energy transition “Smart Wires is experiencing most of our fastest growth in Europe. The need to decarbonize energy in a way that respects local communities is high on the agenda of European industry leaders and we are proud to have a solution that can help achieve this”.

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