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Scoilnet Post-Primary updates

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Scoilnet Post-Primary updatesScoilnet



Cyberbullying in Post Primary Schools


A new online course will provide teachers and school leaders with the knowledge, resources and confidence to teach about cyberbullying and deal with cyberbullying incidents as they arise. This short, practical (and free) course—from PDST Technology in Education with Webwise—will be of interest to all teachers, including the school's wellbeing team and year heads.

View and self-enrol here.


Irish Newspaper Archives


The Irish Newspaper Archive gives teachers and students unrivalled access to primary source documents through national and local newspapers covering hundreds of years of Irish history. Over 60 newspapers are included in the archive with some dating back as far as 1738.

All teachers have access through a Scoilnet Account. Check out how the shooting of Michael Collins was covered 100 years ago.


European Day of Languages


The Council of Europe declared a European Day of Languages to be celebrated on 26th of September each year. The aim of the European Day of Languages is to promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, and encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school. 

Find out more and access resources. 


New LCA Resources

A teacher has shared a number of new teaching resources for LCA - Graphics & Construction Studies. Here are two:

Logos & Pictograms (PDF)

Planning Permission (PDF)

Here is a listing of all LCA resources shared through Scoilnet.


Britannica School now Available in Ireland


The Republic of Ireland now has unlimited access to Britannica School through Scoilnet! When you need fast, reliable information for homework, reports, or just a lingering question, Britannica School is the place to go. From pre-primary to secondary and beyond, it has databases for every learner at every level for an immersive learning experience. Free to access anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.

Access Britannica School


The most clicked links on Scoilnet in September 2021:



An tSraith Pictiúr - Rialacha na Scoile (Planning Sheet)


Formulate the story behind the picture sequence 'Rialacha na Scoile' using the structured sections in this worksheet.



SPA - Specified Practical Activity


The following videos have been highly recommended to Scoilnet by teachers and focus on the specified practical activities. These videos were created by Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science teachers in Ireland.



An tSraith Pictiúr - Imreoir Gortaithe- Bileog Pleanála


Formulate the story behind the picture sequence 'Imreoir Gortaithe' using the structured sections in this worksheet. Sections include building a supply of relevant vocabulary, creating the story, producing possible questions and conducting a peer evaluation on the picture sequence.



Scoilnet Maps


Provides access to detailed Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) maps, including historical maps, and aerial photographs. Enables easy comparison between maps and images. Also allows user to create, copy and adapt resources for their particular use.



Democratic Classroom PowerPoint


Excellent PowerPoint to introduce Democratic Classroom. Slides include an introductory video, a walking debate, a slide to digitally record the agree and disagree opinions, slides on creating democratic classroom with rules and examples! Homework idea also provided.


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