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SciFest Appoints a Project Manager

SciFest Appoints a Project ManagerSci Fest

SciFest is delighted to announce the appointment of a Project Manager, Hugo Rowsome. Hugo joined the company on 1 September. He will be working closely with the existing team of Sheila Porter, Founder and CEO, George Porter, CFO and school liaison officers, Ann Lynch and Tim Regan.

Hugo has a background in both science and the arts and joins SciFest from Blackrock College where he taught Science and Biology. As a teacher Hugo was heavily involved in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, including SciFest. Working with colleagues he has supported the hosting of a SciFest@School in Blackrock College for the past five years. His students have participated in the programme at school, regional and national level.







Hugo, seated on the right, attended the annual SciFest regional coordinators meeting in LIT in June.

SciFest is funded primarily by Science Foundation Ireland, Intel and Boston Scientific.


Contact details:

M: 086 379 6143

E: info@scifest.ie

W: www.scifest.ie


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