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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant change and disruption for many, including creators who have seen their opportunities slow down with gigs, plays, exhibitions and other events moved online or cancelled worldwide. We want to continue to support and collaborate with our community, and with that in mind, we are launching a new round of experimental grants: virtual residencies available for makers, creators, writers, artists and designers in Ireland.

We will award five grants of €1,000 available for people to develop and explore ideas over a five-week period. Grant holders will be paired with two advisors, depending on their interest area – our advisors are drawn from groups of experts at Science Gallery Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, and other supporting cultural partners.

We are particularly interested in ideas that investigate art and technology, science and society issues, local community, curiosity, or ideas that appeal to young adults. We are open to all ideas and investigations, including those that may or may not have clear outcomes. This includes but is not limited to installations, performances, workshops, social practice, experiments, written pieces, general research, online works and more.

This is an experiment. This is a grant to support you to develop your ideas at an extremely challenging time. Though small, we hope to grow this initiative in order to help artists and designers continue creating in a time of crisis.

For more information on applying for a Rapid Residency Grant, please visit our website here.

Thank you,

Science Gallery Dublin team


What are the exact causes of harmful pollutants in the air we breathe? How can we limit our exposure to inhaled toxins when more than half of the world’s populations now live in densely populated, urban areas? How can these microscopic particles contribute to fatal health conditions?

For the first-ever online-only edition of our Book Club, we welcomed Tim Smedley, author of Clearing the Air: the Beginning and the End of Air Pollution for a round-table discussion with the Science Gallery Dublin mediator team. You can watch it back here.

In the next week, we’ll be sharing new podcasts on vaccine creation, an online workshop all about building an origami universe, and much more on You can also keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter feeds to see all our latest posts. 
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