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Resources for EU Code Week

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Resources for EU Code WeekCode Week

So, for the second week of sharing resources for EU Code Week we will be looking at projects from the microbit website.  These resources will help you to plan some activities for EU Code Week which takes place from the 9th to 24th October. We would like to improve Ireland’s 27th place on the leader board last year and that’s where you can help us.  We know that lots of you will be completing coding activities over the coming weeks, and we would like you to pin these activities at  Don’t forget that your coding activities can take place outside of the official CodeWeek dates of 9th to 24th October.

There’s a wealth of resources on the microbit website covering a wide range of activities suitable for the beginner or more advanced coder.  There is a nice mix of plugged and unplugged activities. For those getting started with the microbit the Let’s Code page and the introduction page are very good places place to start.  There are also a series of lesson plans and projects with video and step by step instructions.  To help you get started I have chosen 3 activities for this week :

·         Compass

·         2 player reaction game

·         Getting Active including designing and developing a step counter and other related activities

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