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Reports on the Construction Industry

The CIF (Construction Industry Federation) have just furnished the Labour Market Subcommittee with these very comprehensive reportsIGC outlining the current situation and forecasts for the foreseeable future vis-á- vis the construction industry. The CIF have worked consistently to position a wide range of construction-related apprenticeships back on the radar. The Labour Market Subcommittee has met with representatives from the CIF on a number of occasions to date, it is clear to us that they are energised and committed to translating the aims and objectives outlined in the following reports into reality for our students and for the future workforce. Recently Director General of the CIF, Tom Parlon made the following statement at a launch in Construction House:


“Over the next 3 years, this report estimates that we will need 112,000 additional workers in construction to deliver on the ambitious targets set out in the Government’s €43 billion Capital Programme, the Rebuilding Ireland Strategy and in meeting the increasing demand from Foreign Direct Investment companies for specialist buildings.


The potential prize for delivering on these strategies is huge in terms of economic growth, jobs and competitiveness.  With a forecast of 9% annual growth on average, construction can become a €20 billion industry by 2020.   It can potentially employ 213,000 direct employees making it the largest generator of jobs in the economy.  It is forecast to contribute around 10% of GNP to the Irish economy.”

Beatrice Dooley, Chair of IGC Labour Market Subcommittee.

Skills report press release …

Demand for Skills in Construction to 2020 …

Construction industry can potentially generate 112,000 jobs by 2020 …

Enjoy the documents and feel free to use them in presentations to parents and in your classes.

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