Pharma Giant MSD Keen to Nurture Local Talent for its plant in Carlow

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Pharma Giant MSD Keen to Nurture Local Talent For its MSD is expanding its biologics and vaccines plant in Carlow and expects to grow its site staff  levels significantly by the end of

MSD will be hiring staff with relevant science and engineering degrees to keep up with the growth in demand for its products Specific scientific areas relevant to MSD include microbiology, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. MSD has strong links with both IT Carlow and WIT and are keen to see this talent supply grow.

This advanced biologics site is at the leading edge of biologics and vaccine manufacture and is poised for significant ongoing growth over the next number of years. This expansion is the latest phase of a €312 million seven-year investment at the site, which is MSD’s first standalone vial and syringe filling operation outside of the US.

The state-of-the-art 200,000sq ft biologics operation produces biologics and vaccines for customers across the world. It is also leading MSD’s work in the development of a new oncology treatment.

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