Performance Report into Ireland’s Higher Education System

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Performance Report into Ireland’s Higher Education System  reviews the performance of the Irish higher education systemEducation and Skills for the years 2014 and 2015, in critical areas such as access, responsiveness to skills needs.

Minister Bruton said, “Higher education is a central part of our plan as a Government to support a strong economy and a fair society.  Correctly, there has been a lot of public debate around the international rankings of third level institutions here and around the world. These rankings have too narrow a focus, and do not look at the performance of a third level institution as a whole. The rankings do not consider if access is improving, the quality of teaching and learning, or the impact an institute has on developing a vibrant community and a strong economy. Fifty per cent of the marks given by the private companies that carry out these surveys are to the opinions of academics around the world, many of whom may have no direct experience or knowledge of the institute they are ranking.”

“Our ambition in the Action Plan for Education is to make Ireland the best education and training system in Europe within a decade. It is important in seeking to be the best in Europe that we set targets that reflect the full range of impacts that our HEIs should have. That is why we have put in place this broader performance framework which considers a much wider range of metrics. Benchmarking ourselves against international best practice will of course be vital to measuring our progress”.

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