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Open New Career Doors with a Second Language

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Open New Career Doors with a Second Language -  Choosing the correct career path is something many of us agonise about throughout school and college. While there are those that have identified their route and end goal from an early age, there are also a large portion of students who struggle with such an important decision, and even those who look to change career later in life. Opportunities that you may not expect can arise and because of this it is always beneficial to keep an open mind regarding new prospects.

Improving your technical skillset automatically makes you attractive to employers, and anything learned outside of college on your own initiative is something which is looked favourably on. Gaining experience in a variety of areas and understanding current market conditions can help to increase your chances of employment, while also helping you to understand what drives you, and what you are passionate about.

Adaptability and flexibility are a necessity in today’s work environment, as the effects of globalisation mean that travel can be an important part of many jobs. Understanding and respecting other cultures aids personal development and is a skill that the majority of organisations seek in a candidate.

In this infographic we have sought to convey the benefits associated with learning a second language for your career. We have illustrated some facts about learning a second language, as well as displaying the most spoken languages in the world.

We hope that this IG helps current students, as well as anyone looking to change career.

Second Languages

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