News and resources for teachers, March 2021

The Future at Five: Gendered Aspirations of five-year-olds

We asked over 4,000 children what they wanted to be when they grew up. What they said might surprise you! Boys’ choices more closely match traditional gender norms and gender was more strongly related to children’s future aspirations compared to socio-economic background.

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Hear what Andreas Schleicher and a panel of experts working in the field of gender equality had to say about what education systems can do to tackle gender stereotyping in the early years of education.

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Calling all girl scientists: climate change needs you

STEM is shaping tomorrow’s green economy, but not enough women are taking part. How can we encourage students, particularly girls, to pursue STEM studies? PISA data showed that only 14% of girls who scored well on PISA 2018’s math and science components planned to study and work in science and engineering (compared to 26% of boys who performed as well).

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What have countries focused on to improve inclusion and equity during school closures?

Countries focus points in strategies of education continuity

Countries self-reported focus on different areas of inclusion and quity during the school closures.

“I am the future of work” in the classroom

We are conducting a global survey with young people (15 – 30 year olds) to explore perceptions about their future: jobs, skills and learning. We’re also collecting youth perspectives on what they think governments can do for them.
Give your students a unique opportunity to shape the public debate by running the survey in your classroom.

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Want to learn what’s going on in education today – and what education might look like tomorrow? Follow our Q&A webinar series to get the latest on education trends worldwide, delivered by experts in the field.

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