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How do gender stereotypes affect five-year-olds’ ideas about their future?

Many of us will remember being asked when we were young what we wanted to be when we grew up. What answer did we give, and why did we give that answer? According to evidence from the new report Future at Five: Gendered Aspirations of Five-year-olds gender norms are evident in what many five-year-olds reply, leading to imbalanced gender representation in certain fields later on in schooling – and later on in life.

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How do boys and girls differ in global and intercultural attitudes?

PISA 2018 asked students a series of questions about their global and intercultural attitudes including students’ ability to examine local and global issues.

The latest edition of the PISA In Focus looks at the results.

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Why do more young women than men go on to tertiary education?

The latest edition of Education Indicators in Focus considers the gender dynamics in educational transitions. This can help target policies to support equitable access to education as well as its quality and labour-market outcomes.

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