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OECD Agriculture's Year in Review

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OECD Agriculture's Year in ReviewOECD


A sustainable future for food and agriculture

Report cover (AgOutlook)

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2022-2031

The 2022 edition of the Agricultural Outlook provides a consensus-based assessment of the ten-year prospects for agricultural commodity & fish markets at the national, regional & global levels - serving as a reference for forward-looking policy analysis & planning. Dive into the key findings of this year's edition, which include how to build a sustainable future for the agriculture sector.
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Monitoring and measuring sustainability in agriculture

Report cover (M&E)

Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2022

While public support for agriculture has reached record levels in response to COVID-19 & other crises, the share of support allocated to spurring sustainable productivity growth has decreased. The 2022 edition of the Agricultural Policy Monitoring & Evaluation report provides six recommendations for reforming agricultural policies to address climate change.
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Report cover (TFP)

Agricultural Total Factor Productivity 

Total Factor Productivity measures the agriculture sector's ability to produce more with a given set of inputs, or produce the same amount using less inputs. This 2022 OECD Guide proposes improvements to existing measurement methods, to better monitor policymakers' progress in achieving sustainable productivity growth.

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Food systems and today's biggest challenges

Food assistance programme stock image

Addressing food insecurity

Current rising food prices could push more people into poverty & hunger around the globe. How can food assistance programmes be made more efficient & better target those in need? Discover our roadmap for how countries can achieve just this.

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Meeting environmental challenges

What is really known (and not known) about the environmental footprint of food supply chains? Discover our two dedicated papers, looking at how countries can better identify the environmental impacts of food systems & improve the effectiveness of mitigation initiatives.   

Identifying impacts📘
Improving outcomes📒
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Gender inclusion and food systems

Fostering gender inclusion can have positive impacts on food systems. Yet, these positive effects often go unnoticed due to a lack of available sex-disaggregated information. Our policy paper highlights why better evidence on gender & food systems is a necessary first step in the path towards gender equality & inclusion.

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2022 OECD Meeting of Agriculture Ministers

Group photo of Ministerial closing session
On the 3-4 November, Ministers and Heads of Delegations from 50 countries and 5 international organisations met in Paris for the 2022 OECD Meeting of Agriculture Ministers - concluding with 40+ countries committing, in the form of a Ministerial Declaration, to transformative solutions for a sustainable agricultural sector and food systems.
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The year in videos

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