Nutrition, Health & Food Science

This Nutrition, Health & Food Science course is aimed at students who want to develop their knowledge of Nutrition, Health Promotion and Food Science.Sligo CFE The applied nature of this programme focuses on the relationship between food and health and the study of food from a scientific view point. This course provides successful students with the knowledge, competency and entry requirements necessary to access numerous Science based programmes at Third Level Colleges throughout Ireland. The course also provides students with the necessary skills to gain employment in the food industry.


  • Prepare participants for specialised degree programmes in Nutrition, Health Promotion & Science courses in Higher Education Colleges throughout Ireland, progression routes in the North West include IT Sligo, St. Angela’s College, Letterkenny IT, & GMIT.
  • Enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to independently analyse, quantify and report on the physical, chemical and biochemical nature of foods and the principles of Nutrition, Health Promotion and Food Technology.
  • Gain practical knowledge and competence in applied work practices including adherence to health and safety procedures in the workplace.

Sligo Nutrition

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