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NUI Galway- Teachers in Residence Programme for Science Educators

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NUI Galway- Teachers in Residence Programme for Science EducatorsNUI Galway


NUI Galway are enrolling for a Teachers in Residence Programme, with applications being accepted up to October 19th 2018. The aim of the free programme is to support teachers in science education.

The residency runs from October 2018 until March 2019 for nine evenings (6-8pm) at the National University of Ireland, Galway. During the residency, teachers work directly with world class researchers and get private tours of CÚRAM (Centre for Research in Medical Devices) laboratories to learn about the medical devices research and its impact on healthcare in Ireland and globally.

As part of the free residency, teachers and their students are invited to attend interactive workshops hosted and paid for by CÚRAM. Additionally, participants of the programme will be granted an honorarium of €150 to assist with any travel costs. Teachers from all disciplines are invited to participate, in support of encouraging multidisciplinary approaches to teaching science.

CÚRAM’s Teachers in Residence has ten places available for five primary and five secondary school teachers this year. Participants will learn about and receive resources for the classroom including science engagement activities, science capital teaching approaches, and lesson plan kits developed by teachers for teachers, that are linked with the primary and junior cycle science curricula.

In 2018, CÚRAM has also partnered in the Department of Education and Skills’ Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) STE(A)M in Junior Cycle initiative, to develop a CPD workshop for Junior Cycle teachers around MedTech research and career opportunities. The JCT STE(A)M workshops will allow for interdisciplinary responses to societal challenges in subject-specific and cross-curricular contexts.

Teachers in residence work with CÚRAM researchers to develop high quality content for the classroom that is relevant, exciting, practical and easy to use. Lesson plan kits developed from previous years’ teachers can be downloaded at:

Queries on the programme can be made directly to Dr. Sarah Gundy.

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