New Trinity Research in Childhood Centre Launched

New Trinity Research in Childhood Centre Launched – Trinity Research in Childhood Centre was launchedTrinity College Dublin with a conference showcasing innovative and compelling interdisciplinary childhood research work. Trinity has a 21 year history of hosting a Children’s Research Centre, based in the Schools of Psychology and Social Work and Social Policy. The new Trinity Research in Childhood Centre builds on this foundation by connecting world class academics in Schools across Trinity Faculties, generating new ideas and nurturing future generations of childhood researchers. The Centre will deliver innovative and collaborative research which will help enhance our understanding of the child’s world to better inform policies and interventions to improve all our futures

Over the past decade, advances in research have resulted in new understandings of child development. We are now able to better appreciate the connections between genetic inheritance and familial and societal contexts and the interplay between these. Advances in biology and neurology have served to make the once hidden impact of environmental stimuli visible, as we trace the effects of both optimal and sub optimal environments on the developing child. And, while once we were concerned to measure child development within the artificial timeline of birth to 18 years, we are now able to trace the imprint of pre and post birth environments across the life course. Our early experiences are foundational for our lives. Such advances have served to challenge our traditional ways of capturing and transmitting knowledge and intervening to improve lives.

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