New Courses in IT Sligo

SG250 App Design and User Experience (UX) Level 8 – Honours Degree

The objectives of the programme are to create industry required UX graduates who shall be able to establish core features needed for the minimum viable product; create personas and determine information architecture; develop designs through wireframes, user testing and data analytics; have strong visual design ability to evolve products through usability testing prior to and after product launch; to be able to work in a lean and agile manner

SG251 Computing (Smart Technologies) Level 8 – Honours Degree

In the beginning (of the Internet), we started connecting people to computers. With the advent of the mobile phone, we started connecting people to people. This has created a LOT of data – 90% of the data on the internet has been created since 2016. But what if I told you that this is only the beginning….smart-tech

The Internet of Things is about devices connecting with other devices. This year (2017), the number of connected devices surpassed the number of ‘us’. So what are these devices?

SG252 Software Development Level 8 – Honours Degree

The software industry is strong, providing specialist employment, with Ireland an important centre for localisation. The majority of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ireland is from the US, amounting to over 600 companies employing 100,000 people.

The Irish technology sector remains buoyant with Google, Facebook, Microsoft and eBay all having a major presence here. At IT Sligo our objective is to equip our graduates with the skills to seek employment in this level of business. We constantly re-assess course content to keep apace of emerging platforms and industry trends. You will undertake a work placement in the third year.

SG253 Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure Level 8 – Honours Degree

The BSc in Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure will provide the learner with the skills, knowledge, and competencies required to begin a career in Information Technology/Computer Networking. The programme enables the learner to work with computer networks and cloud infrastructure in order to design, analyse, survey, configure, install, monitor, secure, evaluate, and troubleshoot network, server and telecommunications configurations. This programme is mapped onto professional industry qualifications, and helps to prepare candidates for immediate employment using skills gained in the required areas.

SG138 Computing Undenominated Level 7 – Ordinary Bachelor Degree

Computing is an exciting, fulfilling career choice. We do recognise however that it can be difficult to fully appreciate the differences between different computing programmes. We also believe that there is no better way to help you make that decision than by experiencing a range of computing modules. For this reason, all our CAO computing programmes share a common first year. These modules provide an excellent foundation to your further study but more importantly they help you confirm which programme is right for you.

SG102 Computing Undenominated Level 6 – Higher Certificate

The Higher Cert in Computing is a 2 year programme where you begin in this shared first year alongside all other computing students across our programmes. At year-end, we counsel you on your next step and (space permitted) admit you to your chosen programme at that stage.

Extensive information on the new Computing Programmes here …

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Course Code  OLD Course Title NEW Course Title Qualification
SG137 Computing – Systems and Networking Computer Networks and Cloud Infrastructure Level 7 – Ordinary Degree
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