New Courses in NUI Galway

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New Courses in NUI GalwayNUI Galway

GY135 – BA (Global Media)

The BA Global Media is an exciting new programme being launched by NUI Galway in 2021. The  programme aims to give you a robust and challenging university experience, introducing you to a range of areas such as interactive web media, data, media production, journalism and film studies. It will also give you a critical understanding of the changing global media environment and an insight into the role of the media in a globalised world.

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GY136 – Na Dána (Léann Teanga)

This degree is aimed specifically at jobs in the field of language skills. Excellent opportunities now exist in Ireland and Europe for those with a translation / language qualification—indeed, there is a shortage of qualified translators to fill job vacancies.

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GY322 - BSc Agricultural Sciences

The US $8 trillion agrifood sector is the largest contributor to economic development globally. In Ireland, the agrifood sector is a rapid-growth sector extensively providing food, employment and livelihoods.

The dynamic agrifood sector requires multidisciplinary skills to advance both agricultural productivity and sustainability, from production to consumption. This degree has a major focus on agricultural sustainability and innovation. Graduates will be equipped with practical multidisciplinary skills to pursue vibrant careers across all areas of agriculture and agrifood. To make a difference in the agrifood sector, you should choose this exciting new course.

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