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New Courses in Liberties College

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New Courses in Liberties CollegeLiberties College


Healthcare Assistant – Mental Health Studies

Develop an understanding of what is involved in working with people experiencing mental health difficulties, and with their families. Develop the knowledge, skills and competence needed to pursue higher education studies in mental health nursing and/or to work as a healthcare assistant in a variety of hospital and healthcare settings.

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Sustainable Interior Design

Our innovative course in Sustainable Interior Design, affords students the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and competencies to explore sustainable aspects of interior design. Students will also focus on upcycling practices and their application in green aware spaces. Explore your creative side and develop skills in design, presentation drawings, lighting, colour, furnishings and materials.

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UX App Design (Software Development)

The pre-apprenticeship in software development program will equip students with a grounding in software development and the associated technologies, as well as the necessary skills and learning to progress onto the FIT apprentice in Software Development.

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Ethical Hacking (Computer Systems and Networks)

Ethical hacking is the process of testing a system’s networks for vulnerabilities against any malicious threats, thefts, or attacks that may lead to financial loss or other damages to the system. Our course is designed to introduce students to practical software and security understanding through hands-on workshops and an exploration of the social engineering perspectives of the cyberworld.

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