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New Courses in IT Sligo

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New Courses in IT SligoIT Sligo

SG335 Mechatronic Systems (Work Based) Level 7 – Ordinary Degree

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanics, electronics, robotics and computing that is used in modern engineering industries. It involves the study of automation from an engineering perspective and serves the purpose of controlling advanced hybrid systems in business and industry.

In this work-based version of our campus course, you will spend three days a week in the workplace and two days a week studying online from IT Sligo, Ireland's largest and most experienced institute in online learning.

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SG337 Electronic and Computer Engineering Level 7 – Ordinary Degree

Electronic Engineering is an exciting field of engineering with unlimited potential which can be applied to many sectors in order to help shape the future in progressive ways such as connected vehicles, medical devices and smart technologies. A degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering provides the foundations required to help design the future of automotive, medical, information, entertainment, music, communication and renewable energy technology.

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SG341 General Engineering Level 8 – Honours Degree

This programme offers students an introduction into a wide range of engineering disciplines. Our suite of Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Self Driving Technologies and Robotics and Automation all have common first year modules, giving the students a taste of each engineering discipline before having to commit  to which area of engineering they wish to specialise in from Year Two.

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SG344 Mechanical Engineering Level 8 – Honours Degree

This is a modern programme that prepares students for a broad range of career choices, some of which may not yet even exist, in the fields of mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Through a combination of theory, practicals, and workshops, students gain up to date knowledge of engineering principals, and learn how to apply these to solve real world problems. Students will also be asked to consider issues such as ethics and sustainability.

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SG349 Electronics and Self Driving Technologies Level 8 – Honours Degree

The B.Eng (Hons) in Electronics and Self-Driving Technologies Programme aims to prepare students to work in rapidly changing technology environments, in areas such as robotics/autonomous systems, computer vision, machine learning and extended realities. The up-and-coming area of Autonomous devices (cars, trucks, forklifts, etc.) is an obvious fit for graduates of this course. The mix for theoretical and practical aspects of the Programme will provide students with an understanding of the multidisciplinary engineering concepts required to progress future design in areas that requires skills in electronic, mechanical, mechatronics and embedded systems engineering.

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SG350 Robotics and Automation Level 8 – Honours Degree

Robotics and Automation (also commonly known as the field of Mechatronics) is the combination of mechanical, electronic, robotic and software engineering systems that are used in modern manufacturing industries.

Robotics and Automation equips graduates with the skills to work in high-tech manufacturing industries and is becoming one of the fastest growing career areas. Robotics and Automation engineers design, build and operate intelligent machines such as the robots and flexible manufacturing systems of today and for tomorrow.

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SG145 Business and ICT (BizTech)

This degree provides you with the skills to identify business challenges, find technological solutions, manage technology projects and analyse business data. Businesses today are finding it difficult to see how they can use the opportunities presented by the digital technologies to transform their business. We have designed this programme to equip you with the skills to help support and lead business through this digital transformation.

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