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New Courses in IT Carlow

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New Courses in IT CarlowIT Carlow


Robotics and Automated Systems

Robotics and automated systems continue to grow in importance within manufacturing and industrial production systems as companies leverage their ability to advance manufacturing and increase production. Robots have an impressive range of applications e.g. packaging, welding, painting, machining, inspecting parts to name a few and find application in almost every industry such as pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, healthcare, agricultural etc.

Robotics and automated systems is a multidisciplinary area that combines electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. In particular, it includes embedded programming, control systems, automated decision making, and power electronics. Due to the level of technicality involved in this specialized and interdisciplinary field, there is a shortage of qualified graduates and personnel in the industry.

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Biomedical Electronics

Biomedical electronics involves the application of electronic circuits and technologies for treating medical conditions, monitoring health problems and improving the quality of life for patients.

Major advances have occurred which have led to highly sophisticated medical devices, e.g.:

  • Medical implants (cardiac defibrillators, pacemakers, deep brain neuro-stimulators, gastric stimulators, cochlear implants & insulin pumps).
  • Medical monitors (ECG, EEG, & blood pressure);
  • Diagnostic equipment (ultrasound, MRI, PET, CT, & X-ray);
  • Life support (ventilators, incubators, anaesthetic machines);
  • Surgical equipment (endoscopy & electrosurgical).

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