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New Courses at Sallynoggin College

New Courses at Sallynoggin CollegeSallynoggin CFE


Great Choice of Courses!

Sallynoggin College has a truly diverse range of courses on offer, all of which are independent of the CAO points system.  Choose what’s right for you, and the staff of Sallynoggin College will be there to help and support you on every step of your journey. Our mission is to help you to become the best you can be. The students who make up the thriving community of Sallynoggin College come from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life, and cover a huge spectrum of interests. We’re proud to say that we cater for everyone who makes the smart move and joins us.

All courses, either of one or two-year duration and run from September to May, are quality assured and certified by national and international awarding bodies, including QQI at level 5 and Level 6, International Therapy Exercise Council (ITEC), and other relevant awards. All are recognised on the National Framework of Qualifications. Students of all SCFE courses may progress to Higher Education Institutes and Universities.


New Courses at Sallynoggin College!

In keeping with our aim of keeping ahead of the curve, Sallynoggin College has introduced more New Courses you might like to check out.

  1. Pre Primary and Secondary School Teaching (with Leaving Certificate Honours Irish) QQI Level 5
  2. Early Childhood Care and Education with Montessori QQI Level 5
  3. Inclusive Education and Training with Disability Studies and Special Needs Assisting QQI Level 6
  4. Pilates Teaching including Somatic Studies QQI Level 6, ITEC, REPS Ireland
  5. Yoga Teaching including Wellbeing and Holistic Studies QQI Level 5, ITEC, REPS Ireland

  1. Pre University Primary and Post Primary Teacher Training QQI Level 5

The emphasis of this Primary and Post Primary Teaching Preparation course is to enable students to progress to degree programmes in:

  • Primary School Teaching –

For learners who have achieved the minimum Leaving Certificate entry requirements for primary school teaching, but who did not achieve a H4 in Higher Level Irish. The learner will complete Leaving Certificate Higher Level Irish and will achieve the QQI Award in Childhood Education and Training 5M3635.

  • Post Primary School Teaching


  • Direct employment opportunities within the Early Childhood Education and Training sector

Employment Opportunities:

  • Eligible to apply through CAO for Primary and Secondary School Teaching degree programmes
  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team in the Early Childhood Sector
  • Curriculum Development Assistant
  • Family Support Worker
  • Trainer in early educational specialised area
  • Co-ordinator of Free Pre-School year (ECCE scheme) in services

2. Early Childhood Care and Education with Montessori, QQI Level 5 equips the learner with the practical skills necessary for employment in the Early Childhood Education sector. This course will involve intensive study of the Maria Montessori method.  This includes a range of core and specialist subjects, enabling the learner to pursue their particular interest in this approach to this pre school curriculum.

3. Inclusive Education and Training with Disability Studies and Special Needs Assisting, QQI Level 6, will train students to use their teaching and learning skills to enable individuals with disabilities to overcome barriers in the workplace and educational settings.

It will lead to employment opportunities in Pre, Primary and Secondary schools, and also within the Public and Private Health Sector in centres for adults and children with disabilities. SCFE graduates may also use this qualification to progress to Higher Education Institutes and Universities to study degree programmes.

4.  Pilates Teaching and Somatic Studies, QQI Level 6, ITEC, REPS Ireland, is a real growth area in Fitness Training, and it will enable students to qualify as a Pilates Instructor and pursue career options in a variety of settings. It also includes Massage and Nutrition, another area of rapid growth, where expertise is very much in demand.

Pilates Teacher Training including Somatic Studies, which is new for September 2019, includes Movement Therapy, which compliments and enhances Pilates teaching.

5. Yoga Teaching including Wellbeing and Holistic Studies.

This year, due to expansion in the scope of Wellbeing and Fitness training, we are delighted to have introduced a Yoga Teacher Training course, including Wellbeing and Holistic studies. This exciting new course also offers training in Reflexology, Massage and Nutrition at

QQI Level 5, ITEC, REPS Ireland. Now only in its second year in SCFE, it has already attracted huge interest. Students who complete the course may pursue a career as a Yoga Teacher or Complimentary Therapist, as it also includes options to train in Reflexology, Massage and Nutrition.

Both the Pilates and Yoga teaching courses are delivered in the mornings, Monday to Friday.

Check out www.scfe for more information.

Other new courses include the introduction of Musical Theatre to the Dance course, which will enable students to acquire a broader range of skills in Dance, Performance and Musical Theatre. This course complements our existing Performing Arts training. The enhanced range of performing arts skills is vital in this increasingly competitive field to ensure that our students can compete with the all-singing, all-dancing all-acting ‘triple threat’ performer!

So go on – get into your stride for 2019 with these exciting new courses at Sallynoggin College of Further Education.

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