WITNew communications technology starts in Waterford – The new spin-out company Kodacall, which is be based in Waterford, allows people to easily connect by voice on the web in a new and more efficient way, by adding only seven lines of code into existing interactive websites.

Miguel Ponce de Leon, a researcher and inventor at WIT’s Telecommunication Software & Systems Group (TSSG), is bringing a new “click to talk” technology to the marketplace.

According to Miguel, “Social networking is still about typing messages to each other but there are many times when people want an immediate interaction, to talk to someone and I haven’t seen a breakthrough in this area for voice”.

The idea developed from a need that was brought to Miguel’s attention by a number of mobile providers and Miguel was able to develop the technology behind Kodacall to meet that need with the support of TSSG, Enterprise Ireland’s Commercialisation Fund and WIT’s Technology Transfer Office.

Talking about his decision to commercialise the research himself, Miguel explains, “I was presenting at the Enterprise Ireland “Big Ideas Showcase” last year which offers inventors the opportunity to pitch their technologies to venture capitalists and angel investors when I realised I had the skills to take the product to market myself. At this stage in my career, I also feel I have a responsibility to create jobs in the South East and increase WIT and TSSG’s profile on an international level.

In July 2014, Kodacall, with Miguel at the helm, spun out from TSSG, offering its technology into the classifieds market initially, and then to a wider customer base. This year, CarBuyersGuide (www.cgb.ie) achieved a world first by introducing Kodacall Technology as a free phone from web browser service. The call is free of charge to consumers, and their phone number is not displayed. It is now easier than ever to enquire about a service history, a trade-in opportunity or to arrange a test drive, all from the comfort of your own home

“I’m very aware that my focus now has to change significantly from development of the technology, to development of my business. It is not a safe bet, by any stretch of the imagination,” Miguel continues. “However, we have at least one business in Ireland willing to pay some money for its use, and I can see a number of international opportunities, so I’m going to get out there to see. Sitting in my office, talking about it or writing papers about it will not prove or disprove my theory. I want to see if businesses are willing to integrate and pay for such a service”.

Kodacall, which is located at TSSG Arclabs, Carriganore, Waterford, it will look to create jobs in the South East and increase WIT and TSSG’s profile on an international level.

Kodacall spun out of TSSG in July 2014, the new company will grow to create jobs in the software industry of Ireland and the South East” says Barry Downes, CEO of TSSG. “TSSG have had success stories in the past with Award winning spin out companies such as FeedHenry and with Miguel Ponce de Leon leading the charge on this new company, I have no doubt that it will achieve great success in the future.”

Miguel Ponce de Leon has been an integral part of the team at Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunication Software and Systems Group (TSSG) since its inception in 1996. As Chief Architect, he, along with his team, have provided many companies with solutions to their technology based quandaries, which has increased their client’s ability to compete in a rapidly moving market, and undoubtedly, increasing their revenues in the process.

Learn more about Kodacall here: kodacall.com

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