New booklet from WIT helps CAO applicants work out their interestsWIT

The How to research your CAO options booklet has been sent to schools nationwide and is available online to download and print at home
Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) has launched a booklet with worksheets to help all CAO applicants figure out their interests and choose the right courses.
“We’ve put together this booklet full of advice and worksheets to help prospective students around Ireland to find out what they like, how to research courses, and figure out finances,” says WIT Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar Dr Derek O’Byrne.
“In our experience students who have done their research are likely to be more contented with their offer. However, for some students it can be difficult to figure out where to start with their research. This booklet is ideal for anyone whose CAO list is scattered with courses across all areas and needs help figuring out what they are really interested in.”
People can download the PDF How to research your CAO options at and print at home to complete the worksheets to help figure out their interests. Or they can just flick through it to pick up tips to help start their research and figure out what’s right for them.

The traditional CAO deadline is 1 February. 

Click here to download the booklet …