New Book Teaches University Students About Using Social Media for Job Hunting –  Although most students are active on social media, surprisingly few know how to use it to their benefit when they want to learn about careers or apply for work. A new book, Social Media for Your Student and Graduate Job Search, authored by Marielle Kelly, Careers Advisor at Trinity College Dublin, is a practical guide for any student looking to get ahead in a competitive job market.

Published by Palgrave Macmillan, Social Media for Your Student and Graduate Job Search, highlights how over half of employers screen potential candidates through social media and use it to locate new employees. Recruitment has drastically changed in recent years, and understanding how to present yourself online is increasingly important for students and graduates searching for internships and jobs.

Speaking about her motivation to write this book Marielle Kelly said: “As a careers advisor at Trinity College Dublin I meet many students looking to find employment, but I often see that although they are active on many social media platforms, many do not understand that the content they are publishing online could be used by potential employees as a reference point when they apply for a job. Also, many students don’t think of social media as a way to identify and communicate their personal brand, network, or understand career options. Correctly used, social media will not only help you to create an excellent impression on employers, but will also enable you to distinguish yourself and stand out from other candidates.”

Covering all the major social networking sites from LinkedIn and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, the book provides a comprehensive and practical guide for students looking to start or further their career. Illustrated with practical exercises and sample profiles throughout, this book aims to teach the reader how to manage online presence; identify and communicate a personal brand; research career options, vacancies and companies; connect effectively with employers; and create stand-out applications and excel at interview.

Social Media for Your Student and Graduate Job Search is currently on sale from all major bookstores and online at