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Networks and Computer Systems Administrator

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Networks and Computer Systems Administrator

Train as an experienced Networks and Computer Systems Administrator.Mallow CFE

Learn fundamental skills in hardware maintenance, Linux systems software, computer networking, programming, scripting, database management, cloud and virtual machines, maths for IT, website design and web server hosting.

Specialise in specific industry standard and trending technologies. Gain in-demand employment skills in Linux server operating systems, LibreOfficePHPMyAdmin and MySQL server administration, Python programming, virtualisation with VMware and Oracle VirtualBox, and Windows Server 2019.

Focus on Linux systems administrator training in a holistic course environment across the different subjects. From the beginning, develop and practice your skills in our dedicated Linux system administrator laboratory – running and administering your own machines, servers, network switches, routers, and WiFi. Administer system permissions and users. Explore the world of scanning, hacking and penetration testing with network software tools such as Wireshark and Nmap. Plan and test networks with Cisco Packet Tracer. Create virtual routers and servers. Set up remote administration dashboards and remote access. Connect Android devices and Chromecast TV. Explore and enjoy the world of database, web, and game servers. Setup, configure, and run WordPress web servers.

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