We constantly have those moments in classroom where despiteEd Tech Review the hard efforts of teachers students don’t seem to be engaged in classroom activities.

However in such situation a good scolding may work out at times but mostly that is a silent call for the much needed innovation.

Innovation in education is an ongoing process and is needed every once in a while to keep thing healthy and engaging for students as well as teachers. Particular set patterns and pedagogies cannot work all the time, a little “twist” or innovation is needed to keep monotony off the bay and keep students interested thoroughly. Innovations are always needed because every problem needs its solution; so it becomes the need from time to time to discover something new and useful in education.

Innovation in education is defined as “the process of making changes to something established by introducing something new.” It applies to radical or incremental changes to products, processes or services. Students today are on lookout for challenges and opportunities that helps them explore and connect to outside world for better opportunities. And so, they challenge educators to be innovative and to make learning environments more exciting, challenging and rewarding for them.

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