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Issue 42 - March 2023
Welcome to this latest issue of our [email protected] newsletter, the first in 2023. Whether a new or a long-time subscriber, we hope you find the updates interesting and helpful. 
2022 saw us consulting widely on many curriculum developments. This consultation helps to ensure that NCCA’s advice is shaped by feedback from schools, settings, wider education stakeholders and the public. It has been great meeting people in person again during this work. Thank you to everyone who took time to share feedback with us. We’ve now published reports on many of these consultations – on the background papers for three Leaving Certificate subjects; the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework; the Draft Primary Mathematics Curriculum; and the Draft Junior Cycle SPHE Curriculum, with more to follow shortly. The reports on children’s reflections – what they enjoy, dislike and want more of ­in primary school – are a must-read.
And there’s news on the research front too with details of a review of literature on the themes of Aistear and a report on Traveller Culture and History to support teaching and learning across the curriculum. The guidelines linked below focus on teaching and learning in care and detention schools, as well as offering us much to reflect on as we think about features of good practice in all schools and settings.
We wish you well in the busy weeks ahead and look forward to bringing you more updates in the summer term.   

Reports on the Consultation on the DPCF 

Two reports on the consultation on the Draft Primary Curriculum Framework have been published. The first focuses on the extensive consultation undertaken with parents, teachers, school leaders, organisations, and the public from February 2020 to March 2022. The second report focuses on children and their views on the proposals to redevelop the Primary School Curriculum.
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Guidelines for Care and Detention Schools

New guidelines supporting teaching and learning in care and detention schools are now available. NCCA worked closely with teachers, children/students, school leaders in Irish settings and wider stakeholders in developing these guidelines.

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Consultation reports on the Draft Primary Mathematics Curriculum

Consultation on the Draft Primary Mathematics Curriculum took place between March and June 2022. Two consultation reports have now been published, sharing what children, teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders had to say on primary mathematics.
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Traveller Culture and History Research Paper

A research report to advance our understanding of Traveller culture and history, in support of learning and teaching across the curriculum, is now available. In order to give a central voice to Travellers in developing the research report, an Expert Group comprising Travellers and Traveller representatives was established and reviewed and offered feedback on each chapter within the report.

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Literature Review to Support the Updating of Aistear

NCCA is updating Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework. To support the process, Dublin City University was commissioned to carry out a review of literature on the four themes of Aistear. The review provides an extensive overview of contemporary literature and policy pertaining to the early years.

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Senior Cycle Developments

Curriculum developments are underway in a number of senior cycle subjects and programmes. 

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