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A Must See Poster on Study Habits

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A Must See Poster on Study Habits - there is some sort of habit formation in learning and though some rationalists and "post modernists" would not agree with this but common sense experience corroborate it it. Start with your own study methods and think about your learning strategies and see how iterative they are. If you find that you are more inclined to learn in a certain way and in a given environment and under such and such conditions then you have just uncovered your learning habits.

I know this is a conceptually complex topic and would probably require a more in depth paper than this short post. However, the purpose of this post today is to share with you some knowledge spurts on study habits. The graphic below sheds more light on what constitutes good and bad learning habits. This could probably help better understand why some students learn the way they do and which habits slow them down. Enjoy

The Best (and Worst) Study Habits

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