For working parents, time is at a premium. They generally have to get up very early in the morning before work to get the kids organised for school. Then, they have to get organised themselves for work before spending a long day in an office. For people with no kids, the evenings are then their sanctuary where they can unwind after a long day and maybe catch up on their favourite show on Netflix. However, working parents don’t have it quite this good as their evenings are usually packed with housework and trying to control the kids!

This infographic from HappyCleans presents some apps that may make things a little bit easier for you and your family. Routine is such an important thing in families as a lack of it just leads to more stress and more precious time spent on getting things done.

It’s important that the kids help out at least a little bit, as otherwise there’s just going to be too much to do when you get home in the evening. Apps like Happy Kids Timer encourage kids to make their bed and brush their teeth with a range of fun animations and music. Even if you could remove these tasks from your to do list, you’d be surprised how much extra time you would have.

Apps are hard to describe so it’s often best to download a couple of them to see if they’re in any way useful. All of the ones featured in the infographic are free so just tap the uninstall button if you don’t like them! As the saying goes, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained! – read all about the apps now.