Monitoring Ireland’s Skills Supply 2020

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Monitoring Ireland’s Skills Supply 2020solas

This report, Monitoring Ireland’s Skills Supply 2020, is the 14th in a series of annual reports produced by the SLMRU aimed at monitoring the potential supply of skills to the labour market from Ireland’s education and training system. Not all education and training graduates will enter the labour market: some may remain in education for further studies, travel abroad, or not enter the labour market due to family commitments. Others may already be in the workforce and therefore do not represent a new supply of skills.Bearing in mind these caveats, the analysis of the education/training outputs by level and field presented here is an overview of how Ireland’s education and training can contribute to meeting the skills needs of the economy.

This report serves as a companion publication for the National Skills Bulletin, which looks at the demand, rather than supply, for skills in Ireland. When taken together, these two reports provide a comprehensive summary of the demand and supply of skills in Ireland.

This report is comprised of two separate parts. First the number of awards made to learners in Ireland’s further and higher education and training system is examined. Following a summary in the Overview section, awards are broken down by NFQ level (where applicable) and field of learning. Appendix 1 details the award types at each NFQ level, as well as the programmes in the education system that typically prepare learners for such awards.

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