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The Mental and Physical Impact of Bullying

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The Mental and Physical Impact of Bullying

From School to the Workplace - You’d think that as we grew older, we would grow out of bullying and intimidating

behaviour. And it’s true, some former school yard bullies learn the errors of their ways, and become productive members of society.

However, a survey by the CDC revealed that 20% of teenagers had been the victim of bullying, and perhaps shockingly that number increases to 25% in the workplace, as reported by the Workplace Bullying institute.

  • Youth Who Bully Or Are Bullied 30%
  • Workplace Mental Health Issues Attributed To Bullying 15%
  • Increased Risk of Heart Disease If Bullied At Work 100%

Impact for a Lifetime

The saddening part about those statistics isn't just that those victims are suffering in their day to day lives. Millions of people unable to enjoy waking up to a new day. It’s the long-term impact. Years later, having been bullied, long after the scars have healed, even for those physically abused, everything from immune health to risk of developing chronic diseases is still negatively affected.

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