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Media Studies Courses in Waterford

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Media Studies Courses in WaterfordWaterford CFE

Journalism, Photography & New Media Level 5

This course offers the best of both worlds in one complete package; journalism AND photography, optimising both employment and third level opportunities for our students. Today’s workplace requires a broad range of skills; the ability to create fresh social media content, photographic and visual skills, the ability to write ‘ready to read’ stories, the ability to be creative, research content etc. This course is designed to equip students with all the communication skills necessary to compete in the online world and the jobs market, building a strong following around one’s written, photographic or podcast work. This course is the ideal foundation for a broad range of third level courses in the humanities, English, visual arts, media, law and business. It also gives students an employment ready portfolio for job interviews in media, photography, research, publishing, writing and online production.

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Sound Engineering & Music Technology Level 5

A full-time course for students interested in a career in music/sound engineering/music promotion and journalism. The course examines the music industry with a particular emphasis on visual and sound technologies and music production as well as audio production for film and the games industry. Students have access to an on-campus sound recording studio and radio production facility as part of their training programme. This course is the ideal foundation for a broad range of third level courses in the humanities, music, visual design, game design, Internet related degrees and video production. It also provides students with the necessary skills to create, record, master and promote their own music independently.

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Adv. Cert in Audio Visual Media Level 6

An exciting and experimental course for the digital age, ideally suited to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in journalism, music, game design, visual arts or creative multimedia

It will focus on documentary production and story-telling, communication through waveform and music, creation of soundscapes for games and film and experimentation with audio/visual technology. Students will be encouraged to experiment with modern modes of communication to create new sensory experiences for the audience. The course will foster creative communication using perspective, digital platforms and mixed media. It will examine how reality is documented and created and will also look at how individuals construct alternative realities within the world of gaming, advertising and social media.

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