Majority of Engineering Employers Believe Project Maths Curriculum Will Benefit Students – nearly 60 percent of CEOs and managing directors of engineering employers in Ireland believe that the new maths curriculum will benefit students’ overall problem solving and analytical skills.

The survey of 103 of Ireland’s engineering employers carried out by Engineers Ireland also found that 95 percent believe Irish students are not doing well enough in maths and science compared to other OECD countries and more needs to be invested in education. Similarly 91 percent thought that maths should be given greater priority in the teaching curriculum. Some 62 percent rated it as most important out of a list of nine subjects, ahead of science and English.

More details of the survey are available here.

The Engineers Ireland STEPS team, a strategic partner of the national Discover Science and Engineering programme has developed a range of support materials which are available on its website ( to assist maths teachers. This includes online video tutorials for junior and senior cycle as well as worksheets. Engineers Ireland also runs a volunteer programme whereby engineers visit schools to talk about their career as an engineer and the application of maths in everyday life, providing inspiration through real-life role models.

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