Latest News Updates from IADTIADT

As mid term draws near I am delighted to bring you some of our news updates.


IADT Virtual Open Day will be on Saturday November 21st from 10am to 2pm. Please ask your students to register


We also have a new one stop shop for Guidance Counsellors where you can:


*   Book a (virtual) School Visit

*   View our Events

*   Access Video Material to share with your students

*   Find information about our new courses and portfolio submission over our digital platform

*   Meet our Student Ambassadors


Our virtual school visits have been very successful so far with some schools opting to record the event live with one small class and then share it with other groups.


Individual students and their parents can now chat with us live over our website by clicking on the ‘ASK’ icon.


Please also encourage your students to follow us on <> Twitter<>, <> Facebook<> and <> Instagram<>. They might also like to view our 2020 Grad show here:



Ready for the Open Day