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Job Hunting with Social Media

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Job Hunting with Social Media - The New Way to Find a Job - Most of us are on social media now anyway, so why not use it to your advantage when job hunting? Chances are the companies you’re looking into are using social media. Why shouldn’t you?

The first step is to Google yourself! What’s out there? If you’re job hunting, you should at least be on LinkedIn. Chances are you’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at how you look on there. More and more employers are looking at candidates’ Facebook and Twitter and factoring what they see on there into hiring decisions. Do you really still need that beer bong photo from that college Mexico trip on there?

Depending on the job field you’re in, you might want to consider a blog or online portfolio. I’ve had a blog for years, and I’ve been writing online since the mid 90’s, back before it was even called “blogging.” I took a simple blog interface and turned it into an online portfolio, featuring highlights of my online and offline writing, online marketing, social media, and instructional design work. There are plenty of free blog platforms out there, like Google, WordPress, and even Tumblr. With some creativity you can use notes and blogging features on Facebook and Google+.

I was looking for work in social media, so I was active on social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But even if you’re not looking for something in social media, talk about your job search on the social sites, and not just LinkedIn. You’d be surprised who you know where, and who might have a hook-up, contact, connection, or referral.

Use social media to research the companies and jobs you’re looking into. Most companies should have a website, and that’s the first place to look and learn. From there go to Facebook and Twitter. You can learn a lot about a company based on Facebook and Twitter traffic, and how they deal with and treat customers via social media. Sometimes, you can even interact with the company, or someone from the company.

Check for a company page on LinkedIn. This will not only give you valuable info on the company, but you’ll see if any of your LinkedIn connections work there, or are connected with someone there. You’ll also see info on current openings, and often a contact at the company that you can try and reach out to on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of your best job search resources hands-down. It provides a professional profile for you to highlight your skills and resume, and can act as an online portfolio, or professional hub. You can make professional connections, follow companies, and find jobs on LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. LinkedIn is great at guiding you through the process. Make lots of connections, and give and get recommendations and endorsements.

LinkedIn also has a great built-in job search tool. You can set in super dialed in searches based on the broadest or narrowest of criteria, sortable by things like location, company, salary, job type, and much more. You can save these searches and have results emailed to you when there’s a hit. A lot of companies will even let you apply for jobs via LinkedIn.

There are also still a ton of great job search engines out there that allow you to store profiles, resumes, cover letters, and save job searches. They set the model for LinkedIn, but now a lot of these jobs search engines are basically mini LinkedIns. Be sure to hit,,, and You’re only getting half the bang for your free buck if you don’t take the time to complete a profile, use resume and cover letter features, and set up saved searches. Don’t scoff at Craigslist either, a potential great site for area jobs, if used with caution.

You should also look into online forums and social media groups relevant to your career field. You’ll of course find a ton of groups on LinkedIn, but also look on Facebook and Google+ as well. Valuable connections are out there waiting to be made.

So, happy job hunting! Be smart, consistent, and patient! How have you used social media in job hunting? Any advice you can give?

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