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December 2020

School Liaison Presentation

Join our school liaison officers, Micheál and Jacqueline, as they take you on a tour of IT Sligo's state-of-the-art campus and talk you through what IT Sligo has to offer our students

Academic Supports

Support is our priority. We have invested heavily in our learning facilities to ensure our students have access to the latest enhancements in technology and are supported throughout their academic journey.

IT Sligo is proud to add to their suite of academic supports to include a New English Language Support and an Engineering Support Centre. These are in addition to the Academic Writing Centre, Maths Support Centre, Technology Support and Learning Support services.

The new Engineering Support Centre concentrates on physics, electronics and mechanics for first year students to help them get the best start possible in their studies. Support is available in small groups or on a 1-2-1 basis to assist students with their subject modules, working in conjunction with
what they are learning in class to reinforce their understanding of the topic.

IT Sligo students can avail of free online language support. This programme of support is suitable for any student for whom English is not their first language. The trainer will tailor sessions, supports and resources to suit individuals’ specific needs based on their level of fluency.

Open Evening

IT Sligo will host their next open event on Tuesday 12th January from 7-9pm. This event will give students, parents and teachers the opportunity to delve into our programme offering in detail, watch videos explaining our programmes, meet our lecturing staff, hear from our students and talk to our student support services.
Register here

Earn Your Way To An Engineering Degree

IT Sligo continues to innovate for new Leaving Certificate Graduates

IT Sligo, Ireland’s leading provider of online education, has just launched an innovative new degree for young people completing the leaving certificate. In this new Work-Based Degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering, that can be taken from anywhere in Ireland, the students spend a full three years in a manufacturing or engineering work-place near their own home, earning as they learn, and taking classes online. This new form of degree combines the best of our campus-based engineering degree, our long experience in online education since 2002, and the apprenticeship (on-the-job) learning approach, to build a degree that is more affordable, more convenient and will build better engineers.

Mechatronics, which includes Robotics, is a combination of Mechanical, Electronic and Software Engineering and these engineers, who build the automated systems that drive the most advanced manufacturing facilities in Ireland, are in short supply and in huge demand. Successful graduates can also proceed to our online level 8 degree in Mechatronics.

Further information is available at - Interested students are advised to contact IT Sligo directly through this form

Contact Us

To arrange a school visit, online presentation or have any queries at all, please contact our team
Email: [email protected]

Glenda Conway

Marketing Officer

M: 087 6452570

[email protected]

Micheál Dowdican

Schools Liaison Officer

M: 086 8984086

[email protected]

Jacqueline Mellett

Schools Liaison Officer

M: 087 9300057

[email protected]

New Programmes

BA (Hons) Business & Information Communications Technology (ICT)
Level 8 | CAO Code: SG145 | Duration: 3 Years |

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design
Level 8 | CAO Code: SG348 | Duration: 3 Years |

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science with Ecology
Level 8 | CAO Code: SG450 | Duration: 4 Years |
Level 7 | CAO Code: SG439 | Duration: 3 Years |
Level 6 | CAO Code: SG404 | Duration: 2 Years |

NEW Level 8 Engineering Programmes

The new suite of level 8 Engineering programmes offers great flexibility. The common entry allows students to understand where their true passion lies before specialising from Year Two.
• BSc (Hons) General Engineering
Level 8 | CAO Code SG341 | Duration: 4 Years |
• BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
Level 8 | CAO Code SG342 | Duration: 4 Years |
• BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
Level 8 | CAO Code SG344 | Duration: 4 Years |
• BEng (Hons) Electronics & Self Driving Technologies
Level 8 | CAO Code SG349 | Duration: 4 Years |
• BEng (Hons) Robotics and Automation
Level 8 | CAO Code SG350 | Duration: 4 Years |

BA (Hons) Law & Business – Coming Soon
Level 8 | CAO Code: TBC | Duration: 3 Years |

Full Time – Online

These full-time undergraduate programmes offered through the CAO are delivered fully online, facilitating wider access education. All lectures are delivered live online and students can fully participate in group work and project work by means of innovative online supports. There is no requirement to attend campus

• BA (Hons) Writing & Literature
Level 8 | CAO Code SG254 | Duration: 3 Years |

• BSc in Health & Medical Information Science
Level 7 | CAO Code SG530 | Duration: 3 Years |

• Higher Certificate in Business
Level 6 | CAO Code SG103 | Duration: 2 Years |

Work Based Learning

IT Sligo has launched a new work-based degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering where students located anywhere in Ireland spend the full three years of their degree in the workplace, in a paid traineeship, gaining credit for their workplace learning while studying their academic modules online.
• BEng in Mechatronic Systems
Level 7 | CAO Code SG335 | Duration 3 Years |

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