IT Carlow launches College Entry Scheme to Award Out-of-Class Achievements – IT Carlow announced details of its High Performance Entry Scheme, a new departure for the Institute that will award up to 50 extra CAO points for students who excel outside the classroom in three key areas: Innovation/Entrepreneurship, Active Citizenship and Sport. Twelve places – four in each of the three categories – will be offered for the academic year 2015/2016.


According to IT Carlow, the High Performance Entry Scheme is the only initiative of its kind in the country to specifically reward aspiring third-level students for achievements in entrepreneurship/innovation and outstanding citizenship and IT Carlow is also the only Institute of Technology to offer performance points for excellence in sport.

Speaking at the announcement, Dr. Patricia Mulcahy, President of IT Carlow commented, “The Mission of Institute of Technology Carlow is to ‘Engage, Learn, Challenge and Innovate’. We admire people who give their time and efforts to pursuits such as volunteering, working in their community, working hard at a sport or demonstrating innovation. The CAO process isn’t designed to recognise such achievement so we’re addressing this with the High Performance Entry Scheme which makes out-of-class achievements count towards a place in college”.

Students who excel in any of the three High Performance Entry Scheme categories may apply to IT Carlow for consideration for the initiative, which applies to all of its 70 Degree and Higher Certificate courses. Entry is dependent on the student achieving a minimum of 250 CAO points in their Leaving Certificate.

The High Performance Entry Scheme will run separate to the CAO. Students must complete their CAO forms as usual and submit a separate application to the IT Carlow High Performance Entry Scheme before 10th May. Suitable candidates will be selected for interview after the Leaving Cert and provisional offers made to eligible applicants. The successful candidates who accept the offer will have 50 points added to their CAO results when the first round offers are being made for IT Carlow.

The Institute of Guidance Counsellors welcome the initiative with Betty McLaughlin, President commenting, “ This is a very significant landmark for IT Carlow and, on behalf of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, I would like to congratulate the Institute on the innovative nature of this project which recognises the importance of holistic education. Education is about supporting students to develop academically, socially and personally so they can take their place in society and make a positive and meaningful contribution. In affirming excellence and success to aspiring students for achievements outside the classroom, IT Carlow will instil in them the importance of participation in the Irish labour market and in their community, thus fostering active citizenship”.

IT Carlow consistently features highly in the CAO first preferences for Institutes of Technology, according to the Institute, which sees an annual average of 12,000 students apply for up to 70 Higher Certificate and Degree courses via the CAO. Since its founding in 1970, IT Carlow has generated more than 40,000 graduates. It currently ranks as the fourth largest of Ireland’s 14 Institutes with 7,500 enrolments.

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