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Irish Students Guide to Studying in the UK

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Irish Students Guide to Studying in the UK

In 2013, I applied to UCAS in hopes of studying in the UK, achieved 605 points in the Leaving Certificate, and secured a place at one of the world’s top 100 universities.


My application was successful but I spent hours trawling through the internet for information on how to write a good application. Figuring out whether any of that information was relevant to me as an Irish applicant and if so, how to apply it, was the biggest challenge.

Since then, I've spoken to many Irish students who, having navigated UCAS, have shared similar experiences.


The process is stressful, confusing, and they feel disadvantaged compared to students applying from the UK. Some have found the process so long and complex that they gave up on their applications.

There just wasn’t a UCAS resource specifically for Irish students which had all the information in one place. That’s why I wrote The Irish Students Guide to Studying in the UK.

It’s a complete guide to UCAS and studying in the UK and has everything Irish students need to know, including:


  • Why they should consider studying in the UK
  • Differences between the UK and Irish university systems
  • How to choose the right university and course
  • Differences between the CAO and UCAS applications
  • A breakdown of the application process and how to apply step-by-step
  • How to write a killer personal statement
  • How to prepare for interviews and portfolio submissions
  • Every UCAS deadline and key date they need to know
  • Information for Oxbridge applicants
  • How to study for the Leaving Cert and meet their offer
  • Options if they don’t get or meet an offer
  • Fees and funding options available


This book is a game changer for incoming 6th year students and is also a useful tool for 4th and 5th year students as they start thinking about university.

I’m passionate about helping Irish students get their UCAS right because studying in the UK was a dream come true and a catalyst to achieving my career ambitions.


I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2017 with a first class MSc in Natural Sciences. I then moved to London where I now work at one of the top 4 accounting firms in the world.


I wrote this guide because of my own challenging UCAS experience. But the feedback of the students I’ve spoken to has been the biggest inspiration.

From choosing what and where they want to study, writing a killer personal statement, receiving an offer, to getting the Leaving Cert results they need, The Irish Student’s Guide to Studying in the UK is the resource your students have been looking for.


It’s available exclusively as an ebook on Students can get their hands on it immediately and make a head start on their application before the school year begins.


Students can also check out the blog on my website and sign up to my mailing list for helpful UCAS tips and tricks.

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